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At some point in his youth, love and passion were created for a young, somewhat plump young man. Gradually he learned from everything he could get and accumulated a vast repertoire of knowledge and tools. He decided to open a new place, a place of his own, to bring friends and partners. Peretz has been a professional designer for over 12 years in graphic design for print and digital design. Among other things, the studio specializes in building websites, especially high-level WordPress sites. Peretz Studio was established in order to meet every need from logo design and business branding to business website or sales. Flexible response, and quick response that you will not find anywhere else that separates us from everything Confiscated and that's a fact you can ask our customer …

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Web Development

When we build the site it is important for us to look at the whole and put a great emphasis on the right construction with the best hierarchy that will provide a solution to both the right website promotion and excellent user experience and thus create a site that both converts to action and experienced customer.

We know how to build high-level websites, we specialize in WordPress wordpress sites and can provide an extensive response in this field. The many sites we have built deal with a variety of image sites and sales sites of all kinds. Here you can find a variety of services in this field: landing pages, sales sites, image sites, one-page sites and more …


In order for you to be seen and to be able to get exposure that will advance you in search results, you need someone who is professional, reliable and understands the interest that will do this to you. We have the SEO people from space. Here you can get a wrapper that includes everything that a business or website needs to promote itself on the network. In addition, we provide content writing services and articles to the site so that you can give a push and push the site up in search results …

Print design

We have many years of experience in bringing materials to print, from designing orders to pagination and designing children's books and holy books, we can customize our design, we also bridge your children to the printing press so that we cover you from all directions

Social Networks

The right image for a business requires proper management of your networks on Facebook and / or Instagram, a unique design of statuses and cabers, and proper marketing writing in order to reach a broad audience that suits you

Digital design

Digital design encompasses all the designs on screen or mobile, including unique PowerPoint presentations, event clips, custom designs.

Branding for businesses

Branding your business includes developing a design language that will characterize your business and provide a guideline, logo, business card, Facebook cover and all that involves branding your business.

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